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If you want to get maximum value for your advertising dollar, promotional water bottles can be an excellent choice. There are some types of premiums that do not have a very long shelf life, like pens that can easily get lost or run out of ink. Things are entirely different when it comes to promotional water bottles.

They are totally utilitarian, and many people do not go anywhere without their water bottles. Plus, consumers are becoming aware of the fact that most bottled water that can be purchased at stores is actually just tap water, and the negative environmental impact of all of that plastic is extraordinary. The price is another factor, because you never have to reach into your pocket to pay for water when you fill your promotional water bottle yourself.

As a business owner or decision-maker, you gain a host of benefits when you distribute promotional water bottles to your clients and potential customers. You get a boost when it comes to your brand reputation when you utilize promotional items that provide positive benefits to the environment, and this is one advantage.

In addition to this, according to a study that was conducted by the Ad Specialty Institute, promo products cost about .6 cents per impression that they get. (A brand impression is an instance of someone seeing an ad.) Television and magazine ads cost a whopping 1.8 cents per impression, so you definitely get more bang for your buck when you use branded premiums to spread your message.

We offer a wide variety of different types of promotional water bottles and promotional travel mugs, and we source our products from the leading names in the industry. Our inventory includes plastic, glass, stainless steel, and BPA-safe plastic water bottles that that are made by Thermos, h2go, Nalgene, Contigo, Tervis, and CamelBak. You have freedom of choice when it comes to the specific features, including things like carrying loops, carbiner clips, straws, vacuum or foam insulation, filtration technology, and many others.

Even though we are an e-commerce company, we greatly believe in the value of customer communication. You can always reach us if you need live customer support, and we stand behind our products with a 100 percent worry-free guarantee. If you would like to learn more about our promotional water bottles, we can be reached by phone toll free 877-806-5110. 


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