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Custom Swig Products

Custom Swig Products
Stuck on your design? Get free design helpStuck on your design? Get free design help

On-The-Go Promotional Advertising with Swig Life

Targeted advertising is smart advertising. Swig Life looked at a crowded insulated drinkware market and saw an unfilled niche. Wisely focused on the underserved female demographic looking for performance with a style all their own, they brought forth into the market more shapes, sizes and color choices than anyone else while keeping the functionality of stainless steel, double walled insulation, and copper coated linings in their cups, bottles, and tumblers.

While initially designed for women, Swig Life products are triple insulated, dishwasher safe, uber-stylish, and sure to be appreciated by anyone lucky enough to hold one. Creative and appealing, Swig Life aims for those looking for something more than ordinary hydration vessels, and your branding printed upon them will likewise reflect same. Looking to stand out from the crowd? Consider this uncommon and fun line to do the heavy lifting with your artwork and message, simply choose the type and color and we will do the rest.