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5 Things to Bring to Your Next Trade Show

Trade shows are a great way to reach out to potential customers and make some sales. However, there may be dozens or hundreds of other companies at the show vying for the attention of the same attendees. How can you make your booth stand out? Attract more attention by bringing these five items to your next trade show.

Promotional Items

Promotional items will help people to remember your business better and learn more about the products and services you are offering. Promotional items to bring to your trade show include pens and key chains, t-shirts, calendars, branded mugs or drinkware, printed materials like brochures, business, cards, product samples, and others.

Office Supplies

Your trade booth is essentially an offsite branch of your regular office. Its purpose is to make customers more aware of your company’s products and services. As such, you need to make sure it functions as optimally as your regular office. Ensure that you have office supplies such as duct tape, paper, scissors, pens, rubber bands, and other items necessary to make your trade booth run properly.

Items to Improve Booth Atmosphere

Your booth’s atmosphere can affect the number of people who stop by to see what you have to offer. Your booth should give off a welcoming vibe. It should encourage people to visit and stay long enough to learn what your business is all about. You can improve your stand’s atmosphere with items like flowers and scents, special lighting, and a Bluetooth speaker to pipe in some soothing music.

Extension Cords and Power Strips

You will need some electrical supply to power your laptops, speakers, displays, and others. As a result, you need items such as extension cords that will help you connect to the main power supply without too much trouble.


You will need to have a way to direct people from the entrance to your booth. The best signage options are those that will help visitors find you quickly and easily. Use items like banners, posters, arrows, and even flashing lights.

In Conclusion

When gearing up for a trade show, it is important to be prepared on all fronts. Remember to bring along any necessary supplies to run your business, as well as promotional material to help clients remember your booth. Doing so will make sure that the event runs smoothly and word about your business spreads.