2 Vital Tips on What & How to Use Print on Water Bottles

Print on Water BottlesIf you are looking for a brilliant and refreshing marketing idea for an effective brand promotion, then you should opt for the promotional giveaways. There are several branding techniques being used now to ensure the potential customers take interest in you and your products. This can be easily achieved with the wonderful idea of distributing water bottles. Think about it- everybody needs a water bottle. It is highly useful, right from a student to an office-goer. So, if you can print your brand name and distribute it among your employees or loyal customers, more and more people who are your prospective buyers can know about you and find out more about your products and services. That is why we, at DrinkBranders, can help you. We bring you a wide range of water bottles from brands like H2go, Nalgene, Thermos, Contigo, Camelbak, and so on, which look smart, are durable, and extremely affordable. However, when you are about to place your order, you must decide what and how to print on water bottles because this is what will actually strengthen your brand identity.

Here, we have put together a few tips on what and how to print on the bottles. Take a look.

  • Print the Brand Name Aesthetically

First of all, we all know that you will need to place your brand name on the bottles. But you must print it in a manner which appeals to your customers. Pay attention to the font style and color scheme while taking the decision.

  • Make Sure the Brand Name is Legible

You should also make sure that you are legible on the water bottles. You are printing the brand name so that people read and come to know about your brand. If your print is too small or has a weird font, it will not be legible and people will get annoyed.

We have designers who can guide you with the print and design. So, if you want to order these printed water bottles from us, contact us now.