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65 qt Venture Cooler by OtterBox

A Beast of a Box

Become camp royalty with the 65 qt. Venture Cooler from Otterbox. This premium, ultra-durable, large capacity cooler brings comfort, convenience and unrivaled cool to any adventure. The dual polypropylene construction, silicone seals and polycarbonate latches lock in freshness and keep out unwanted critters, all the while retaining ultimate temperature retention. Designed in Colorado and made in the USA, the Venture keeps ice for up to 14 days, so you can pack and go without a second thought.

Features anti-slide rubber feet, durable integrated handles, nesting grooves and slanted interior bottom for drainage with a nylon plug. Comes complete with bottle opener and dry storage tray, a mounting system for accessories and the three compartment slots to personalize your configuration. Rule the marketing kingdom with fully customizable branding options, and highlight your logo or brand today!

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