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  • 48 oz. Tritan Wide Mouth by Nalgene®

48 oz. Tritan Wide Mouth by Nalgene®

Go Big or Go Home

Wise words, right? When your choice is a gigantic 48 ounce custom Nalgene water bottle, then of course it is! Virtually indestructible and leakproof, this BPA-free water bottle is a veritable giant in every way. The wide mouth construction allows for easy filling and cleaning, while the enormous 48 ounce volume offers portable hydration for any active person. The traditional Nalgene threaded and tethered lid ensures that the bottle will never get lost or spill when you need it most.

Choose from a variety of cap and body colors then customize with your own brand logo! The Nalgene Tritan wide mouth water bottle is available in 16 oz., 32 oz. or 48 oz. sizes.

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